AR Construction Commercial Maintenance Services

Whether it’s an office or a retail store, your commercial property needs to be well maintained. This Will boost not only its appearance but also its value. If you are in Limerick and require your property maintained or renovated, AR Construction Company is a call away. Our handyman is qualified in offering repairs of any extent quickly to allow you to continue with your duties. Our Gallery can confirm this because it has some of the works done for clients within and beyond Limerick borders.

Here are some of the commercial maintenance services that AR Construction company offers.


Commercial spaces need good floors because a floor can affect the safety and efficiency of workers. Moreover, a good floor gives your company a good impression on clients. It also helps in making your office have enough and balanced light. At AR Construction, we understand this and do the flooring with utmost commitment for likable and long-lasting results. Our flooring crew won’t disappoint whether you want your office to have a wooden, laminated, or Marmoleum floor. They are competent in both big and small commercial spaces. In addition, they offer advice on various flooring options that you can explore based on your taste, budget, and preferences.


Plastering is another commercial maintenance service that we offer. If you want your walls to give a decorative appeal, they should be well plastered, and hiring us for that will not be regrettable. Our plastering is not ordinary since we are keen on the undercoat and ensure all holes are patched and airways completely sealed, resulting in an excellent finish. In addition, we handle all types of plasters based on your wall, so you don’t have to worry about your choice. Moreover, we have the right plastering tools for any surface, and you can trust us for outstanding and long-lasting walls.


A blocked toilet can be disastrous, making all your workers and customers uncomfortable. This might affect your business because no one wants to be in a stinking environment. This is why you should contact AR Construction company without hesitance. Our plumbers are always ready to fix any plumbing issues, whether urgent or regular, and boast skills in fixing faucets, water tanks, and water heaters. Any plumbing task is not easy and requires one to be careful, especially when dealing with water heaters because of electricity. Hiring us will ensure that that the safety of your commercial property is not at risk. This is because we have the proper safety gear and protocols for all the plumbing services.


A safe and clean environment is an excellent booster of productivity because your workers will be at peace.  This is why you should consider having commercial maintenance done by professionals often. AR Construction company is competent enough to handle all your plumbing, plastering, and flooring needs. We shall make sure your walls are appealing, the floor safe, and ensure that all the plumbing problems are fixed. Besides, our professionals are generous enough to offer advice in regards to every service. So contact us for all your commercial maintenance needs, and we shall leave you satisfied and happy that you hired us.



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