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Retail shopfitters are an essential service should you wish for your store and brand to stand out in a busy market. We know this here at AR Construction. Working with various trades and industry leaders we know the importance of quality over quantity and how slight differences can impact your brand and how your customers view your stores.

Commercial shop fitting involves a variety of trades and skills of which we have an abundance here at AR Construction. Work with our design and installation team to maximise your space and bring your shop to life whether you are based is, Limerick, Cork or anywhere within the Munster region AR Construction are here to help.

Benefits of a Retail/Commercial shopfitter.

Professional commercial shopfitters maximise the quality of your space providing a better experience and working environment for your employees and the customer’s visiting your store.

  • Open space allows for free movement and provides a more relaxed environment for shoppers.
  • It’s important that your employees feel safe, relaxed and have the freedom to move around.
  • Using the space available to you means you can advertise your brand and products better. You can highlight the best of your store and keep important items in the eyesight of your customers.
  • You can choose to set and forget the design or incorporate multiple changes across the life span of your store. AR Construction is always happy to help.

What a quality shopfitting needs:

Although every store should be unique in its layout a design there are a few attributes that must be taken care of. Of course, these are all changeable, but it’s still important to focus on certain aspects. At AR Construction we can provide you with our experience and knowledge to help develop your ideas.

Shelves and fixtures for advertising:

To maximize space, you should use the walls and ceilings with proper safe and sturdy shelving. Utilising the space, you can advertise products and market items even if you only have a small department store location.

AR Construction can design and create your shelving and fixtures with our metalwork and carpentry professionals.

Quality lighting:

Lighting is key for a commercial fitting. With this you can highlight products and displays. Create specific atmospheres with your lighting and darken areas that are not important.

Our shop fitter teams that can utilise expert electricians and designs to create intricated lighting patterns or simple to use light fixtures, this all depends on your concepts for your store and commercial premises.

Uncluttered layout:

Customers and employees feel more at ease when they have space to manoeuvre and explore. Certain shop layouts are not designed for this, but we believe having space to breathe, move and relax is vital for your customers to stay in store for longer and shop more.


Your brand and name should at the forefront of your customer mind. At AR Construction, our design teams know how to get messages across without overburdening your customer’s. Shopfitting involves planning and placement and that is how we maximize space and brand of your business.

Some of our Retail Fitout work
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